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General purpose model for small and medium size Masajid. One can place it in the section of a large Masjid.

SP-28 (Standard)
PKR. 13,500
SP-28E (English)
PKR. 14,500
SP-28F (Folding)
PKR. 14,500
SP-28A (Arabic)
PKR. 14,500

- Accurate real time clock.
- 5 Prayer and Jumma Jamat time display.
- Jamat Countdown for the last 20 minutes.
- Jamat time Auto/Manual update selectable.
- Facility for one-time entery of whole year Jamat timings.
- Fajr and Maghrib jamat offset.
- Option to display for 2nd or 3rd Jumma jamat time.
- Eid jamat time before Eid day.
- Time limit of current Salah.
- Automatic daily update of Maghrib jamat Time.
- Jamat Beep to alert Iqamah.
- Ishraq and Zawal Time indication.
- Hijri/Gregorian date, Hijri year and weekday display.
- Count down for Tahajjud, Sunrise, Zawal and Sunset.
- During Ramazan, Sehri and Iftar countdown.
- Mobile turn-off message during Iqamah time.
- Tasbihat (SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allhoakbar) display minutes before Iqamah.
- Selectable Prayer time Calculation Method.
- Fajr and Isha prayer time programmable for any twilight angle.
- 24/12 hour format selection.
- Daylight saving ON/OFF option.
- Support more than 1300 Cities of the world.
- Adjust for any city by entering Latitude, Longitude and Time zone.
- Facility to derive Prohibited time indicating bulb.
- Facility to drive Sehri/Iftar Siren during Ramazan.
- Facility to emboss Masjid name at top of Panel.
- Customize prayer time table Programming is possible.
- Adjustable Juristic Method like Hanafi, Shafii.
- Arabic, English, Urdu, Pushto/Farsi, Portuguese language support
- Temperature display.
- Jamat time digit color RED/GREEN selectable.
- Special Islamic greetings
- Remote control setting.

Folding type Panel specially designed for transportation facility because it's easy to carry and handle.

- Dimension: 14x28x1.5 inch, (35x71x4.0 cm)
- Net Weight : 3.0 Kg
- Digit Height: 1.5 inch, (4.0 cm) 
- Enclosure : Wooden with Acrylic Front
- Adopter : Input - 110–240V A
                 Output - 12V DC, 1.5A, 20 watt max
- Digit Color: Dual (Red & Green) for Salah time and Red for Real time.
- Output Socket 1: To drive external bulb.
- Output Socket 2: To drive Siren.

Battery Backup --- PKR 3,500
Transformer Unit --- PKR 600
  Extra Item on requirement:  
Adopter +12V DC --- PKR 350
Remote --- PKR 150

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- SP-28 --- PKR 500
- Estimated Delivery Time --- 2 to 3 days
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- Estimated Delivery Time --- 3 to 4 days